Month: July 2019

Warwick Street Patronal Festival

A proud part of the Patrimony is going all out for the Patronal Festival. Warwick Street is no exception: Spatzenmesse and an Apostolic Administrator!

St Gregory’s Prayerbook

A perfectly innocent pleasure I have indulged in over many years is the collecting of prayer books, devotional manuals, books of devotion, &c. It began with the discovery, as a teenager, the discovery of the Manual of Catholic Devotion (Anglican).

Friend of the Ordinariate Ordained to the Priesthood

On Sunday, members of the Friends of the Ordinariate and Mgr Newton were pleased to be present at St Mary Magdalene, Wandsworth, for the first solemn Mass of Fr. Peter Littleton. Fr. Littleton was ordained on Saturday for the diocese

Most Precious Blood, London Bridge, consecrated

It was a joy and a delight to be with the parish of the Most Precious Blood, London Bridge, last night, to see the culmination of several years work, painstakingly rebuilding and redecorating this beautiful but unassuming church by F.A.

Date of Bl. John Henry Newman’s Canonisation announced

It is with great joy that we learn that the date of Bl. John Henry Newman’s Canonisation has been announced as the 13th October 2019. May he pray for us!