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St Margaret Ward:The Pearl of Tyburn

We are taken today back to the reign of Elizabeth I, and the notorious Tyburn Tree. And the martyr Margaret Ward. It is quite an exciting tale, full of derring do, crossing and double crossing, daring escapes and plots, and

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St David Lewis, SJ

We remain in the grip of the Titus Oates Conspiracy of the late 1670s and meet David Lewis, the last Welshman to be slain for the Faith. Unlike his cousin St. John Kemble, Lewis was not born a Catholic; his

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St John Wall & St John Kemble

We return once again to the Titus Oates Plot of the 1600s, and two more martyrs called John; one a secular and the other a Franciscan. St John Wall, OFM John Wall was born in Lancashire, that great bastion of

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St. John Boste

One may be forgiven for thinking that all English martyrs were called John! This is not entirely the case but we do have something of a run of them at this time of year. John Boste (or Boast), also termed

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St. Philip Evans & St. John Lloyd, Martyrs of Wales.

The Roman Martyology records no fewer than 60 saints who bear the name John, and no fewer than 13 Philips. This is by no means a complete list, and many good and holy men and women who have not been

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St John Plessington

Continuing our series on the forty canonised martyrs of England & Wales 20th July: St. John Plessington It is, as we have said before, so very easy to lump the martyrs of England and Wales together in one solid mass

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St. John Jones: English Martyr

This begins an occasional series of articles on the lives of the forty English Martyrs of England and Wales, observing their local feasts.   It is very easy to lump together those forty martyrs, canonised by Bl. Paul VI in

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