The First Sunday in Lent

As we have been doing on our Facebook page, we thought those of you who frequent the website may find these insights from the Ordinariate Customary useful during Lent. The First Sunday in Lent from the Ordinariate Customary O Lord

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Cradle Catholic on the Ordinariate Use

  One of the things which rapidly became apparent with the advent of the Ordinariate was the appeal that its liturgy has among Catholics who not been part of the Anglican Communion. By way of offering proof of this, here

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Ordinariate Study Missal to be Published

For many of you this will be old news, but it was announced within the last week that a “Study” version of Divine Worship: The Missal is to be published. You can pre-order a copy of this very useful work

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To my mind one of the most joyous things about the Ordinariate liturgy is the restoration of the Gesimas. I can already see several people of my acquaintance rolling their eyes and murmuring “Young Fogey”, but I feel justified in

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The Conversion of St. Paul

An interesting commentary on today’s feast, taken from the Customary of the Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham. A reading from the sermons of John Keble St Paul’s day is, in one respect, different from most of the saints’ days

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Henry Joy Fynes-Clinton

A well known figure in the Anglo-Papalist movement, he was instrumental in many conversations between Eastern and Western Christians. Read more about him here.

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Bishop Hudson to visit Warwick Street

This coming Sunday, the 28th, Bishop Nicholas Hudson, Auxiliary in Westminster & Titular Bishop of St. Germans, will visit Our Lady of the Assumption & St. Gregory Warwick Street, the central church of the Ordinariate. Bishop Hudson is the Auxiliary

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The Catholic League

Founded in 1913, the Catholic League has been working for corporate unity among Christians for over a hundred years. They are an Anglican foundation, but are open to both Anglicans & Catholics who seek the reunification of the church. Learn

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Fr Paul Coutourier: Apostle of Unity

One of the major influences of the work for Christian Unity, not only in the west, but also in the east was Fr Paul Coutourier of Lyon. A highly significant man in many respects, you can learn more of him

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The Monks of Norcia

As one charity of Friends, we are always happy to support another in what ways we can. It therefore gives the Friends of the Ordinariate great pleasure to support the UK Friends of Norcia, in publicising this event:

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