Mgr Newton highlights the Ordinariate’s important ecumenical role during a visit to Portsmouth


Mgr Keith Newton (left), with Bishop Philip Egan (centre) and Canon Dominic Golding (right).

As part of a Friends of the Ordinariate appeal, Mgr Keith Newton, Ordinary of the Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, visited St John’s Cathedral, Portsmouth, on the weekend of 26/27 July. During his visit, Mgr Newton preached at all Masses and celebrated three of the five Sunday Masses at the Cathedral. 

During his homily, Mgr Newton spoke of the Ordinariate’s place within the “rich diversity of the Catholic faith”, referring especially to the many valid liturgical forms of expression within the Church. He added: “Many of the Christians now being persecuted for their beliefs in Iraq and the Middle East are Catholics of the Eastern Rites. At this time we should especially keep them in our prayers.”

Speaking of the “very important ecumenical implications” of the Ordinariate, Mgr Newton highlighted the Ordinariate’s ‘Called to be One’ exploration day, scheduled for 6 September. He said: “To help people understand us better, especially those in the Church of England who might feel that God is calling them into the full communion of the Catholic Church, we’ve organised an exploration day called ‘Called to be One’. This day has received the prayerful support of the Holy Father, Pope Francis.” He invited members of the congregation to visit the nearby St Agatha’s — now home to the mainland part of the Isle of Wight and Portsmouth Ordinariate Mission — during the exploration day.

For the visit, Mgr Newton was invited to stay at Bishop’s House by the Bishop of Portsmouth, the Rt Revd Philip Egan, and the Dean of St John’s Cathedral, Canon Dominic Golding VG. Mgr Newton was accompanied during the appeal by Dylan Parry of the Friends of the Ordinariate, who said afterwards: “We are very grateful to Bishop Philip and Canon Dominic for inviting us to St John’s Cathedral, as well as for their very warm and kind hospitality during the weekend. We are also immensely grateful to the Cathedral staff and volunteers for their help in organising the visit, as well as for the generosity of the parishioners, who contributed to a second collection for the work of the Friends of the Ordinariate. Thank you!”

During the weekend, Mgr Newton celebrated and preached at the 6.00pm anticipatory Mass, the 10.00am Solemn Mass, and the 12.00pm Mass, and also preached at the 8.00am Extraordinary Form Mass and 6.00pm Mass. A second collection was taken for the work of the Friends of the Ordinariate at all the Masses.

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An official press release will be published by the Ordinariate in due course.